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"Stolen" Hoodie

"Stolen" Hoodie

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Inspired by the movement addressing Missing Murdered Indigenous Women, the "Stolen" hoodies were crafted as gender-neutral apparel, aiming to raise awareness about various social issues prevalent in indigenous communities.

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement is a movement that draws attention to the disproportionately high rates of violence against Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit individuals in Canada and the United States. The movement aims to raise awareness about the often-overlooked cases of missing and murdered Indigenous women, seeking justice, accountability, and systemic change.

Key aspects of the MMIW movement include:

  1. Scope of the Issue: The movement addresses the alarming rates of violence, abduction, and murder affecting Indigenous women cases that often go underreported. There is a perception that authorities may not prioritize investigations into these crimes.

  2. Root Causes: The MMIW movement highlights systemic issues such as historical trauma, colonization, racism, and the intersectionality of gender and Indigenous identity. These factors contribute to the vulnerability of Indigenous women and create an environment where violence can occur with impunity.

  3. Activism and Advocacy: Activists, families, and communities affected by MMIW have been at the forefront of advocating for justice and raising awareness. They organize marches, vigils, and other events to draw attention to individual cases and the broader issue.

  4. Data Collection and Reporting: One challenge the MMIW movement faces is the lack of comprehensive data on the number of missing and murdered Indigenous women. Advocates call for improved data collection, collaboration between law enforcement and Indigenous communities, and increased transparency.

  5. Policy and Legislative Changes: The MMIW movement has spurred efforts to change policies and laws related to violence against Indigenous women. Advocates push for reforms in law enforcement practices, better victim services, and increased cooperation between tribal, federal, and state authorities.

  6. Cultural Awareness: The movement also emphasizes the importance of preserving and revitalizing Indigenous cultures. Cultural awareness and sensitivity are seen as essential components in addressing the root causes of violence against Indigenous women.

The MMIW movement is part of a broader struggle for justice, Indigenous rights, and the recognition of the unique challenges faced by Indigenous communities. It seeks to amplify the voices of those directly affected while calling for systemic changes to address the complex issues contributing to the crisis.

Our hoodies boast a unique design with meticulous attention to quality. As the artist, I aimed to infuse ingenuity into the design by integrating the collared material of the black sweater to match the color of the woman's shirt and incorporated it into the lettering of "stolen." Similarly, the red hoodie features the color of the women's shirt derived from the hoodie itself, complemented by a handprint over the mouth and the prominent inclusion of the word "stolen." 

My intention was to generate awareness by initiating discussions through this clothing line, without explicitly mentioning MMIW, and posing questions.


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