About us

We are a Blackfoot couple from Blood Reserve, which is located in Southern Alberta on Treaty 7 Territory. The owner and founder of our business is Ina Old Shoes - Fairbanks who designs all the apparel by hand and digitally remasters them. 
The vision started from a dream of creating and producing art. We decided the best way to follow a passion that has meaning would be through clothing and creating designs to bring social awareness to indigenous issues through art and apparel.
Major corporations profit off the trauma and pain that our people suffered through during the time of European colonization of the americas. The "Every Child Matters" and "Murdered Missing Indigenous Women" movements highlight key socials issues that our people face in modern society. The art and apparel that is designed by Ina Fairbanks - Old Shoes is a statement of social awareness, as a lot of people are ignorant of these concurrent social issues that are prevalent in our communities.
Our vision is to promote change and awareness through art and apparel. As you shop through our inventory, we invite you to be the change that our people need to rise above the pain and suffering past, and we also invited to "wear the change" by supporting indigenous operated business. Enjoy!