About us

We are a proud Blackfoot couple from the Blood reserve, situated within Treaty 7 of Southern Alberta. Ina Old Shoes - Fairbanks, the owner and founder of Something Wonderful Studios, personally designs all our apparel, employing both handcraft and digital remastering techniques.

Our journey began with a dream to create meaningful art, and we chose clothing as the medium to pursue this passion. Our aim is to use designs to raise awareness about First Nations people through both art and apparel. 

In creating this small business Ina began attending school at Medicine Hat College for the Advanced Care Paramedic Program. The establishment of the small business has become a crucial financial asset that has played a pivotal role in facilitating her educational pursuits. The revenue generated from the business has served as a consistent and reliable source of financial support, alleviating the economic burden associated with attending Medicine Hat College for the Advanced Care Paramedic Program. This financial backing has enabled Ina to cover other aspects of her educational journey, such as purchasing study materials, gas, and meeting various educational expenses. In essence, the small business has functioned as a valuable and empowering resource, allowing Ina to focus on her education with greater peace of mind and determination.

Many major corporations profit from the historical trauma our people endured during the European colonization of the Americas. Movements like "Every Child Matters" and "Murdered Missing Indigenous Women" shed light on significant social issues faced by our community today. The art and apparel crafted by Ina Fairbanks - Old Shoes serve as a statement of social awareness, addressing the prevailing ignorance surrounding these ongoing social challenges in our communities.

Our vision is to foster change and awareness through our art and apparel. As you explore our inventory, we encourage you to become the catalyst for the change our people need to transcend the pain of the past. We also extend an invitation to "wear the change" by supporting indigenous-operated businesses.