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Murdered Missing Indigenous Women Red Hand Print T-Shirt's

Murdered Missing Indigenous Women Red Hand Print T-Shirt's

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Missing Murdered Indigenous Women T-shirts were specially designed with quality assurance to promote awareness of the MMIW movement. During the month of January 2021, I (Ina) had a vison to create Missing Murdered Indigenous Women apparel with hand prints placed on the front and back of a black t-shirt. I am very proud to release this apparel that I have worked so long to create. 

The red hand print is used to take back the silence we are inflicted with. The color red is said to be the only color seen by spirits. With that in mind, I wanted a t-shirt to represent the spiritual protection we have in wearing this knowing its from our ancestors, and those we have lost know that as long as we fight, they are protecting us too. Their hands placed at the front and back of our bodies is their support in this movement. 

Using my little sister Isabelles' hand print, I wanted to bring into perspective the issue at hand. Any one of our sisters, mothers, nieces, daughters or aunties could be stolen at any time, thus going missing or murdered. This is why we speak about it now to bring awareness so that things may change and stop losing our family simply because we are seen as susceptible and disposable.  

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